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Pleural Mesothelioma

Pleural Mesothelioma Causes

As with any cancer, it is mainly caused by the genetic mutation of the cells, the accumulation of which may later form a tumor. The combination of genetics and environmental factors may be contributive to this development.

Pleural Mesothelioma Definition

Pleural mesothelioma, the most common form of mesothelioma, is a rare cancer that occurs in the pleura or the tissue that surrounds the lung.

Pleural Mesothelioma Diagnosis

A physical examination is conducted for the initial diagnosis of this condition. Other tests such as x-ray, CT scan, biopsy and laparoscopy are conducted to confirm the diagnosis. After a positive diagnosis, the process called staging follows, wherein the doctor, through additional tests, determines the extent of the cancer.

Pleural Mesothelioma Symptoms and Signs

The symptoms of pleural mesothelioma include: painful breathing, shortness of breath, chest pain, dry cough, peculiar lumps of tissue under the skin on the chest, and unexplained weight loss.

Pleural Mesothelioma Treatment

Pleural mesothelioma treatment options include surgery (to remove the cancer, to decrease the fluid buildup, or to remove the tissue around the lung or a lung itself and the surrounding tissue), radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or a combination of the three.

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