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Pneumothorax Causes

Pneumothorax results when the lung's major airway has been blocked by a growing tumor, inhaled foreign object, or has been infected. The lung collapses when there is leakage of air between the lungs and chest wall. A chest injury, medical treatments, or lung disease may cause pneumothorax. There are many types of pneumothorax, each of which is defined by its cause.

Pneumothorax Definition

Pneumothorax is a type of lung collapse.

Pneumothorax Diagnosis

Doctors often diagnose pneumothorax based on chest x-ray results, or through a computerized tomography scan if the suspected cause is the result of an abdominal or chest procedure. Patients may also be given blood tests to measure the oxygen level in the arterial blood.

Pneumothorax Symptoms and Signs

Pneumothorax patients may experience mild to severe chest pain and shortness of breath. The serious type may impair heart function, which could lead a fatal drop in blood pressure.

Pneumothorax Treatment

Pneumothorax is mainly treated to relieve the pressure on the lungs to allow it to expand again and avoid its recurrence. Severity of the condition is the basis for treatment. Doctors may monitor the condition through chest x-rays, remove the air from the lungs by using an inserted needle or chest tube, or a surgical procedure called video-assisted thoracoscopy.

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