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Polyneuritis Causes

Polyneuritis may be caused by alcohol, beriberi, deficiency in Vitamin B12, metabolic diseases, diabetes, hypothyroidism, porphyria, infections, autoimmune disease, or cancer.

Polyneuritis Definition

Polyneuritis is a widespread inflammation of several peripheral nerves at the same time.

Polyneuritis Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of polyneuritis vary from patient to patient, they may include paresthesias,numbness, pain, or tingling of the limbs, hands, and feet. Patients may also have abnormal gait, drooped wrists, and experience difficulty in breathing. However, only physicians can appropriately diagnose whether the symptoms are symptoms of Polyneuritis.

Polyneuritis Treatment

Patients are advised with bed rest and undergo massage or physiotherapy. Polyneuritis is also treated similarly with neuralgia.

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