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Post-Vietnam Syndrome

Post-Vietnam Syndrome Causes

Like other post-traumatic stress disorders, the post-Vietnam syndrome is caused by a traumatic event, i.e. the Vietnam War. Soldiers who have lost friends, colleagues as well as those who saw bloodshed are more likely prone to experience this kind of depression.

Post-Vietnam Syndrome Definition

Post-Vietnam syndrome is a kind of post-traumatic stress disorder experienced by the veterans of the Vietnam War. This is commonly characterized by anxiety attacks, depression and hallucinations wherein patients relive their memories of the event.

Post-Vietnam Syndrome Diagnosis

Post-Vietnam syndrome can be observed on Vietnam War veterans who succumb to utter depression.

Post-Vietnam Syndrome Symptoms and Signs

Persons who are suffering from post-Vietnam syndrome easily succumb to depression, anxiety disorders and hallucinations. Soldiers who served during the Vietnam War are mostly the ones affected by the syndrome.

Post-Vietnam Syndrome Treatment

To treat this stress disorder is by adequate moral support from family and friends; the US Government meanwhile holds activities in commemoration of the Vietnam War in order to help the veterans who are suffering from this disorder.

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