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Presbycusis Causes

Damage to the cochlea is one of the possible causes of presbycusis. Gradual accumulation of earwax that may cause blockage in the ear canal resulting to poor conduction of sound waves is also a cause of gradual hearing loss.

Presbycusis Definition

Presbycusis is a common condition denoting gradual hearing loss.

Presbycusis Diagnosis

General screening test and hearing tests under the supervision of an audiologist can help determine the extent of your hearing ability.

Presbycusis Symptoms and Signs

People suffering from presbycusis have difficulty understanding words especially if there are background noises and have the tendency to ask people to repeat saying what has been said and request others to speak slowly and more clearly. Because they are incapable to hear uttered words clearly, there are times when volume of radio and television are volume up. They may avoid being in social gatherings and tend to withdraw from conversations easily.

Presbycusis Treatment

If presbycusis is caused by earwax blockage, treatment requires removal of ear wax through loosening the wax by means of baby oil, mineral oil, and glycerin and squirting warm water by means of a bulb syringe. The doctor should be done carrying out the procedure. Another method requires the use of curette to scoop out the wax. Doctor may use a suction machine to suck out the loosened ear wax. Gradual hearing loss caused by damage to the inner ear will benefit from using hearing aids. Severe cases of presbycusis may only be treated surgically by means of cochlear implants.

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