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Primary Immunodeficiency

Primary Immunodeficiency Causes

The conditions are inherited from from one or both parents, which results from defective DNA, which lack or have defenses that may or may not correctcly work.

Primary Immunodeficiency Definition

Primary immunodeficiency is also referred to as primary immune disorders. These conditions refer to the absence of the body's immune defenses making the affected individuals more susceptible to germ- causing infections.

Primary Immunodeficiency Diagnosis

The doctor asks about the patient's medical and family history of the immune disorder and performs a physical examination such as blood tests, evaluating infections, and prenatal testing to diagnose the condition.

Primary Immunodeficiency Symptoms and Signs

Signs and symptoms of the condition vary from person to person. Commonly, affected individuals suffer from frequent infections that are harder to treat and may be longer lasting. Some of these infection may not normally infect persons with healthy immune systems. Examples of these infections include frequent and recurrent ear; infections of the sinus and skin as well as blood infections; pneumonia; bronchitis; and meningitis. Other individuals suffer from inflamed and infected internal organs such as the liver; rheumatic disorders, blood disorders; thyroid disease; digestive problems; and delayed growth and development.

Primary Immunodeficiency Treatment

Affected individuals are prevented through the use of antibiotics, but if the condition does not respond to treatment, hospitalization and antibiotics administered intravenously may be necessary. Some medications such as ibuprofen, decongestants, and expectorants, are also used to relieve symptoms caused by the infections. Other individuals may undergo therapies to increase their such as immunoglobulin therapy, gamma interferon therapy, and treatment with adenosine deaminase. Bone marrow transplantation and gene therapy may also be undergone by patients to cure their primary immunodeficiency.

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