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Primary Progressive Aphasia

Primary Progressive Aphasia Causes

There is still no established idea on what really causes the syndrome however damage to the language center of the brain is linked to the development of primary progressive aphasia.

Primary Progressive Aphasia Definition

Primary progressive aphasia is a rare neurological syndrome that has the capacity to impair language abilities usually affecting people over the age of fifty. The syndrome is characterized by reduced language skills that lead an individual to suffer difficulties in comprehending and using spoken or written language.

Primary Progressive Aphasia Diagnosis

Computerized Tomography (CT) scan and Magnetic Resonance Imaging are used to detect underlying conditions that may cause damage to the language center of the brain. Blood tests are carried out to check out possible causes that resulted to memory loss; however, there is actually no specific diagnostic test to diagnose primary progressive aphasia.

Primary Progressive Aphasia Symptoms and Signs

A person suffering from primary progressive aphasia usually suffers difficulty in finding the appropriate words to use when speaking or writing that usually worsens with time. Inability to understand written and spoken language can cause them to be mute. In the long-term other mental skills will also diminish and lead them to function only with the assistance of another individual to work on everyday personal care.

Primary Progressive Aphasia Treatment

There are no medications proven to effectively treat primary progressive aphasia. Language therapy can help in improving deteriorating language skills.

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