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processing Disorder

processing Disorder Causes

Causes of the condition include premature birth, autism and other developmental disorders, learning disabilities and its resulting delinquency and substance abuse. The condition may also result due to stress-related disorders and brain injury. Autism and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder are two of the main contributing agents of the disorder.

processing Disorder Definition

Sensory integration disorder or dysfunction is a neurological disorder resulting from the brain's inability to process information received by the body's five basic sensory systems.

processing Disorder Diagnosis

Occupational or physical therapists evaluate the condition by conducting standardized testing and structured observations of the patient's responses to sensory stimulation, posture, balance, coordination, and eye movements. The results are analyzed on which recommendations for the appropriate treatment are based.

processing Disorder Symptoms and Signs

Affected individuals are incapable of automatically responding to certain sensory information. Their responses to certain information are usually extreme and inappropriate. This is the result of the patient's brain poorly processing sensory messages causing inefficient motor, language, or emotional output.

processing Disorder Treatment

Processing disorders cannot be cured. However, patients undergo occupational therapy and other alternative methods to improve the condition.

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