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Proctalgia Causes

Proctalgia fagax is a disorder of muscles of the skeleton. The disease recurs and there is no known cure. Stress may also be considered a cause.

Proctalgia Definition

Proctalgia is pain due to spasm of the pelvic floor muscles, the muscles of the anal sphincter, or the muscles of the rectum. May also be called Proctalgia fagax.

Proctalgia Diagnosis

Physical examination by the doctor medical history of the patient.

Proctalgia Symptoms and Signs

Severe stabbing-like pain in the rectum. May pass quickly or last much longer. Pain may awaken the patient as it usually happens at night. It is sometimes described as an "anal charlie horse". The pain is a repeated spasms of the anus, an anal cramp, or an anal spasm. Pain may also occur when moving around, moving bowels or passing gas.

Proctalgia Treatment

Since there is no treatment for proctalgia, symptoms are treated to ease the patient's discomfort. Traditional remedies have ranged from warm baths, warm to hot enemas, relaxation techniques, gentle massage of the anus, and various medications. Keeping hydrated and having a high fiber diet may help reduce the frequency of these painful episodes. Muscle relaxants like diazepam may also be used. To relax the muscles, electrical stimulations may also be used, and epidural nerve blocks as well.

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