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Prostate Inflammation

Prostate Inflammation Causes

Prostatitis is caused by two reasons: bacterial and non-bacterial. Bacterial inflammation is due to poor hygiene. It often results to difficulty in urinating, pain after ejaculation, lower back and pelvic pain. Non-bacterial prostatitis meanwhile is due to prostate muscle spasm, viruses, or psychological disturbances.

Prostate Inflammation Definition

Prostate inflammation is the swelling of the prostate gland commonly known as prostatitis. This disease is common among men ages 20 to 50.

Prostate Inflammation Diagnosis

Prostatitis can be diagnosed via the symptoms exhibited by the patient, as well as other diagnostic procedures to detect the presence of microorganisms and other disease-causing agents.

Prostate Inflammation Symptoms and Signs

The symptoms of the disease include swelling and irritability of the prostate gland. Urinal problems resulting to infections are also likely to occur.

Prostate Inflammation Treatment

Antibiotics and antispasmodic medications are given to treat the disease. Drugs that aim to relax the prostate gland are also used.

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