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Query Fever

Query Fever Causes

The disease is caused by the coxiella burnetii bacteria through inhalation, ingestion, or through the skin due to a bite from an infected tick.

Query Fever Definition

Query fever or Q fever is an acute or chronic infectious disease caused by a species of bacteria often found in sheep, goats, and cattle.

Query Fever Diagnosis

The doctor asks the patients regarding problems associated with the condition such as endocarditis, pneumonia, or hepatitis to rule out other conditions. The doctor also asks whether the patient has been exposed to areas that pose risks of infection. To confirm his or her diagnosis, the patient undergoes a blood test.

Query Fever Symptoms and Signs

Most people exposed to the bacteria usually do not show signs and symptoms of being sick. However, those who get sick experience flu-like signs and symptoms after two to three weeks of exposure. These indivduals may have high fever, severe headache, fatigue , chest pain, clay-colored stools, or jaundice.

Query Fever Treatment

Patients with a mild condition usually get better without treatment. Otherwise, doctors prescribe antibiotics. The type and duration in which antibiotics are taken is determined by the severity of the infection. Severe conditions takes more type to treat and may even recur, thus follow-up visits to the doctor is needed.

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