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Radiation Exposure

Radiation Exposure Definition

Radiation exposure is a sickness brought about by long-term exposure to low levels of radiation. This sickness often affects cell division. Radiation exposure is used to treat cancer, as the ionization process destroys cancer cells.

Radiation Exposure Diagnosis

The sickness can be diagnosed based on the symptoms present in the patient. Blood serum is also tested for possible characteristic changes in the cells.

Radiation Exposure Symptoms and Signs

Persons who were exposed to low levels of radiation are likely to experience changes in body temperature, as radiation has disrupted the body's resilience to different climates and weather changes. Those meanwhile who were exposed to high levels of radiation faced immediate death.

Radiation Exposure Treatment

Radiation exposure is a form of therapy; but to treat the effects of the exposure is quite difficult since there is no standard procedure yet to fight against radiation exposure. The best way as of now is to avoid abusive exposure to radiation.

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