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Radiation Sickness

Radiation Sickness Causes

The condition is due to exposure to a high dose of radiation, which may be received during an industrial accident , detonation of a small radioactive device as well as a conventional explosive device that disperses radioactive material and a standard nuclear weapon.

Radiation Sickness Definition

Radiation sickness the damage to the body due to exposure to a very large dose of radiation usually received over a short period of time. The condition is also referred to as acute radiation sickness, acute radiation syndrome, or radiation poisoning.

Radiation Sickness Diagnosis

The dose of radiation experienced by an exposed person is determined by knowing the details of the known exposure, manifesting symptoms such as vomiting, testing for disease-fighting white blood cells and abnormality in the DNA of blood cells. Certain devices are such as a dosimeter and survey meter are used to determine the amount of radiation absorbed by the exposed individual.

Radiation Sickness Symptoms and Signs

The strength and amount of exposure experienced by a patient determines the severity of his or her sickness. Patients with a treatable condition may initially experience nausea and vomiting. Other patients with a more serious condition experience a period of no apparent illness.

Radiation Sickness Treatment

Patients are treated to prevent reduce symptoms and prevent further radioactive contamination. They may also receive treatment to damaged organs.

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