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Radiophobia Causes

Extreme radiophobia is often caused by poor information or a lack of understanding of ionizing radiation. More commonly, the phobia may also stem from a personal traumatic experience with radiation in general.

Radiophobia Definition

Radiophobia is a type of phobia characterized by an irrational fear of ionizing radiation. Most commonly, the term is associated with an extreme fear of X-rays. In addition, radiophobia is also used in the context of a neurological disorder, in which case the condition is used to reference a specific phobia such as a general fear of the use of nuclear energy. In general, fear of ionizing radiation may be considered natural or normal, since exposure to radiation poses significant risks to humans. However, the fear may escalate to such a degree that it becomes abnormal and irrational.

Radiophobia Symptoms and Signs

In addition to an extreme fear of radiation and x-rays, common symptoms of radiophobia include excessive sweating, breathlessness, shaking, dry mouth, heart palpitations, inability to speak clearly, fear of dying, paranoia, or even a full blown anxiety attack.

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