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Radon Poisoning

Radon Poisoning Causes

Radon poisoning can be caused by an exposure to dangerous levels of radon gas.

Radon Poisoning Definition

Radon Poisoning: Radon is a radioactive gas that will damage cells if left exposed for a lone period of time. It cannot be seen, felt nor smelled and enters the body through respiration and causes the body damage. This condition is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer.

Radon Poisoning Diagnosis

Radon detection devices are used to check if there is radon gas in the home or office. This device can easily be bought in hardware stores, home improvement stores, or (in the US) by calling the National Radon Hotline. Radon devices are left in homes for several days to check if there are any radon found in the area.

Radon Poisoning Symptoms and Signs

No immediate symptoms are found. Symptoms may appear in the start of lung cancer. Smokers are more believed to be susceptible to develop radon-induced cancer of the lung.

Radon Poisoning Treatment

Because there are no symptoms for radon poisoning, the best treatment is still prevention. Make sure that you check places where you are most often, like at home or at work. Since this is related to lung cancer, smoking should also be stopped.

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