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Rat-Bite Fever

Rat-Bite Fever Causes

There are two-types of gram-negative facultatively anaerobic bacteria that causes the rat-bite fever which are spirillosis and streptobacillosis.

Rat-Bite Fever Definition

Rat-bite fever in an infectious disease where in a bite from a rat transfers a bacteria or fungi infection. The symptoms of the fever will depend on the organism which caused the infection.

Rat-Bite Fever Diagnosis

Detection of the organism in the blood, skin, joint fluid or lymph nodes are the common diagnosis for the fever. Other diagnostic method is the blood antibody tests.

Rat-Bite Fever Symptoms and Signs

Chills Fever Headache Muscle aches Arthritis Rash Open sore in bitten site

Rat-Bite Fever Treatment

The antibiotic that is used to cure the rat-bite fever is penicillin in cases that the patient is allergic to it erythromycin or tetracyclines are used correspondingly spirillary infections and streptobacillary.

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