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Razor Bumps

Razor Bumps Causes

Razor bumps are caused by the downward growth of hair in areas usually shaved. It is usually affecting black men or anyone with very curly beard and often shave.

Razor Bumps Definition

Razor bumps are also referred to as shaving bumps. This condition usually affects men who have very curly hairs. It occurs when the tip of the curly hair grows back towards the hair follicle. It is also known as ingrown hairs. The ingrown hair causes a skin reaction and results to razor bumps. The condition is not an infection but is considered as a reaction of a "foreign body". The condition becomes worst when the hair is pulled out while shaving, shaving in a motion against the natural direction of the hair growth, or when using a multi-blade razor.

Razor Bumps Diagnosis

Diagnosis for Razor bumps include close examination of the bumps with laboratory tests to confirm other infections.

Razor Bumps Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of razor bumps are red bumps or known also as pimples growing in the shaved area with a hair in the center. The bumps are infected and swollen with pus cells present.

Razor Bumps Treatment

Treatment for Razor bumps will include application of Tretinoin cream at night, application of Eflornithine cream which could reduce hair growth in the affected area, applying topical and oral antibiotics,

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