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Retractile Testicle

Retractile Testicle Causes

An abnormally developed fetal sex organs or a tight spermatic cord possibly cause a retractile testicle.

Retractile Testicle Definition

Retractile testicle is a condition in which the testicle glides back and forth between the scrotum and the groin.

Retractile Testicle Diagnosis

The testicle easily moves from from the groin to the scrotum during the doctor's physical examination. Regular monitoring of the condition is done until the testicle has descended normally or has been repositioned surgically.

Retractile Testicle Symptoms and Signs

A retractile testicle may move on its own or by hand, it either moves quickly or slowly, and may remain for a period of time in the scrotum retracting again.

Retractile Testicle Treatment

If the testicle has not descended until the child reaches 14 years of age, treatment options of the condition include surgery and hormone therapy.

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