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Rodent Ulcer

Rodent Ulcer Causes

Rodent ulcer is caused by over exposure to ultraviolet radiation of the sun. It is noninvasive and does not spread to the rest of the body. This ulcer is considered benign or non-fatal. Skin sensitivity to the sun tends to be hereditary.

Rodent Ulcer Definition

Rodent ulcer is a type of cancer of the skin accounting for about 75% of all skin cancers. This is a slow-growing skin tumor in the basal skin cells. The cancer cells that cause ulcers gradually enlarge gnawing at the normal cells, thus the name rodent ulcer.

Rodent Ulcer Diagnosis

Physicians examine the skin of the patient and may conduct certain skin tests to determine the disorder.

Rodent Ulcer Symptoms and Signs

Skin ulcerates and forms a scab. The scabbing may fall off, but will reform and not heal. This is the initial stage of the cancer. Basal cells are basically normal skin cells. Skin ulcer develops and may bleed easily or does not heal.

Rodent Ulcer Treatment

Like many cancers, rodent ulcer can be treated by surgical excision or radiotherapy. If the cancer is relatively large, a skin graft may be needed. Small ulcers can be removed without the need for grafting. Radiotherapy is usually done on older patients. Protection from the sun is an easy prevention from this disease.

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