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Sacral Dimple

Sacral Dimple Causes

The condition is congenital but its causes are unknown.

Sacral Dimple Definition

Sacral dimple is a congenital indentation in the skin on the lower back, which is often located above the crease between the buttocks. It is also known as pilonidal dimples.

Sacral Dimple Diagnosis

Sacral dimples may be evident when an infant is physically examined. Imaging tests may be required if the dimples are very large or accompained by discoloration, swelling , drainage, or tenderness. Such tests include ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging to help rule out more serious conditions

Sacral Dimple Symptoms and Signs

The condition is an indentation, or "pit," in the skin on the lower back, above the crease between the buttocks.

Sacral Dimple Treatment

Most sacral dimples do not require treatment as they are harmless. On rare cases however, it indicates a serious spine or spinal cord abnormality.

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