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Sandfly Fever

Sandfly Fever Causes

Sandfly fever is said to be caused by Phleboviruses that is transmitted by sand flies.

Sandfly Fever Definition

Sandfly Fever, otherwise known as the papaataci fever, the phlebotomus fever, and three-day fever is a medical condition referring to the viral infections from sandfly bites.

Sandfly Fever Diagnosis

It is diagnosed through undergoing fever tests, flu tests and infection of the ear test.

Sandfly Fever Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of Sandfly Fever includes fever, headache, chills, shivering, muscle pains and spasms, join pains, flushing, blood shot eyes and flu-like symptoms.

Sandfly Fever Treatment

Treatments includes administration of medications to alleviate pain, fluid and bed rest.

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