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Scabies In Children

Scabies In Children Causes

Scabies are caused by the parasite named Sarcoptes scabei, an arachnid that thrives in the sensitive folds of the skin, such as the armpits. This is where the parasite lays eggs. Infections can arise due to incessant scratching.

Scabies In Children Definition

Scabies is an infectious skin disease that is caused by small itch mites that thrive on the skin's epidermis. The waste products of these mites often cause irritation. This is a common parasitic disease among children especially with those living in poor sanitary environments.

Scabies In Children Diagnosis

Scabies can be diagnosed by the presence of itch mites during physical examination.

Scabies In Children Symptoms and Signs

Children with scabies first experience itchiness in the skin. Wounds and sores soon develop due to scratching.

Scabies In Children Treatment

Treatment of scabies can be done by proper hygiene. Topical treatment can be spread on areas where the itch mites thrive. Clothing and bed sheets should also be washed properly to disinfect present mites.

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