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Schamberg's Disease

Schamberg's Disease Causes

The exact cause of Schamberg's disease is currently unknown. However, the primary trigger is believed to be the leaking or overflowing of blood from the small blood vessels close to the skin. It is also speculated that a recent allergic reaction or viral infection are risk factors.

Schamberg's Disease Definition

Schamberg's disease pertains to a chronic skin discoloration affecting people of all ages but mostly occurring in males. It usually affects the legs, gradually spreading throughout the body. Schamberg's disease is also alternatively called progressive pigmented purpuric dermatitis.

Schamberg's Disease Diagnosis

Schamberg's disease can be determined based on clinical symptoms. However, it is imperative for physicians to first rule out other more serious causes of purpura. A biopsy of the affected skin can be done to confirm the diagnosis.

Schamberg's Disease Symptoms and Signs

Schamberg's disease is a type of progressive purpura, or a purplish discoloration of the skin that results when blood leaks from the vessels near the skin surface. The characteristic discoloration of Schamberg's disease resembles flat, smooth, red-brown patches (due to iron overflowing from the blood vessels). In some cases, these areas can be quite itchy and uncomfortable. The patches may persist for several weeks, and may in fact regress over time.

Schamberg's Disease Treatment

There is no permanent cure for Schamberg's disease. However, the symptomatic itching can be alleviated by applying cortisone cream on the affected areas. Other types of medication may also be prescribed to help with blood circulation. Ingestion of Vitamin C sources has also been observed to be therapeutic. In some cases, some types of laser treatment may be considered, although none exist that can definitely target the disease.

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