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Scheuermann's Disease

Scheuermann's Disease Causes

Scheuermann's disease is said to be caused by wrong posture and aggravated by too much or strenuous activities, long period of standing and sitting.

Scheuermann's Disease Definition

Scheuermann's disease is a disease that is a type of juvenile osteochondrosis or disorder of the spine.

Scheuermann's Disease Diagnosis

Diagnosis is made through the use of X-ray and physical examination as well as review of the medical history of the patient.

Scheuermann's Disease Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms includes wrong posture, rigidity of the thoracic vertebrae, curving of the patient's back.

Scheuermann's Disease Treatment

Treatment includes undergoing physical therapy and wearing of back brace to reverse or to halt the Scheuermann's Kyphosis. In some cases surgical procedures whereby two titanium rods are placed in the back of the spine is done.

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