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Schilder's Disease

Schilder's Disease Causes

The exact cause of Schilder's Disease is not known though it may be linked to several other psychological and mental problems.

Schilder's Disease Definition

Schilder's Disease otherwise known as the Diffuse Myelinoclastic Sclerosis is a type of neurodegenerative disease tjhat manifest throough pseudotumoural demyelinating lesions and is considered as one of the borderline of multiple sclerosis.

Schilder's Disease Diagnosis

Diagnosis is made through psychological examination as well as review of the personal medical history of the patient and undergoing imaging tests such as the MRI, X-rays and CT Scan.

Schilder's Disease Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms includes dementia, aphasia, changes in personality, seizures, difficulty in focusing, instable balance, incontinence, general weakness, vomiting, speech impairment and reoccuring headache.

Schilder's Disease Treatment

Treatment includes administration of medicines and corticosteroids and undergoing physiotherapy, occupational therapy and nutritional support.

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