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Scrub Typhus

Scrub Typhus Causes

It is usually caused by the Orientia Tsutsugamushi that commonly transmitted through chiggers.

Scrub Typhus Definition

Scrub Typhus is a form of typhus that is usually caused by Orientia Tsutsugamushi that is usually transmitted by chiggers that are commonly founds in scrubs.

Scrub Typhus Diagnosis

Diagnosis is made through physical examination and observation of symptoms. It may also be done through the use of blood testing.

Scrub Typhus Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms includes fever, headache, muscle pain, coughing, and gastrointestinal symptoms like abdominal cramps and pain and vomiting.

Scrub Typhus Treatment

There is no known treatment for the Scrub Typhus but there are medications that focused more on relieving the symptoms. Antibiotics are also used to ease any infections.

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