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Scurvy Causes

The main cause of Scurvy is insufficient Vitamin C intake, which is greatly necessary for accurate collagen synthesis in humans. There are also cases of scurvy wherein poor dietary choices are pointed as the predisposing factor for the development of scurvy.

Scurvy Definition

Scurvy is a severe disease due to insufficient Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) intake. In infants, scurvy is occasionally referred to as Barlow's disease. It is one of the diseases that are associated as a result of malnutrition or poor dietary choices by people living in more progressive and industrialized nations.

Scurvy Diagnosis

Diagnostic procedures to find out serum Ascorbic Acid and white blood cell ascorbic acid levels help to diagnose Scurvy. Less than 0.2 mg/dl of serum ascorbic acid level and less than 30 mg/dl of white blood cell ascorbic acid level confirms diagnosis of Scurvy.

Scurvy Symptoms and Signs

Some of the most common bleeding and dental symptoms of Scurvy include: * Dark, purplish spots on skin particularly in the legs known as liver spot formation. * Bleeding in finger tips * Appearance of bruises * Persons with scurvy tend to bruise easily * Weak capillaries * Bleeding from all mucous membranes and internal bleeding * Bleeding from old scars * Nose bleeding * Bleeding of gums * Swollen and spongy gums which may lead to tooth loss Other symptoms may include tiredness, irritability, aches and pains, paleness, sunken eyes, opening of healed scars and disjointing of knitted bone fractures.

Scurvy Treatment

The following are some recommended choices and approach for treatment of Scurvy: * Adequate diet rich in Vitamin C is the most effective treatment to prevent aggravation of Scurvy, * Vitamin C supplements * Regular intake of leafy green vegetables, berries, parsley and other citrus fruits like oranges and lemons.

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