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Sea Sickness

Sea Sickness Causes

This often is caused by visual confusion on a moving craft where in nearby objects are moving with the motion of the craft. This is also due to the abnormal pressure of the bowels against the diaphragm as they shift with the rising and falling of the ship.

Sea Sickness Definition

Sea sickness is a type of motion sickness which is characterized by a feeling of nausea and sometimes vertigo which is experienced after spending time on a craft on water. This is usually because of the rocking motion of the craft such as boat. Some can instantly feel sea sick when they set foot on a boat.

Sea Sickness Diagnosis

Sufferers can identify if they are experiencing sea sickness just by basing on the symptoms.

Sea Sickness Symptoms and Signs

Headache Vertigo Nausea Pale, cool, moist skin Muscular relaxation Elevated flow of saliva Features are sunken Disagreeable delusion of the senses of smell and touch

Sea Sickness Treatment

Keep one finger over one ear Keep mind occupied Take-in anti-seasickness/nausea capsules Keep eyes directed to the fixed horizon Lye down on your back and close eyes Drink something that will instantly lessen the sense of touch and sight Find a place where fresh air is blowing in your face Suck on crystallised ginger or drink ginger tea Move to the boat's center of gravity

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