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Semantic Pragmatic Disorder

Semantic Pragmatic Disorder Causes

This disorder is believed to be an effect of other disorders such as neuropathies, auditory processing disorders, genetic defects and encephalitis.

Semantic Pragmatic Disorder Definition

Semantic-pragmatic disorder is a developmental language speech disorder in which children have difficulties in using language in appropriate instances, as well as with the semantic use of language. This disorder is believed to be linked with Asperger's syndrome and autism.

Semantic Pragmatic Disorder Diagnosis

The semantic-pragmatic disorder can be diagnosed by observation of the child's speech development during his growing up years.

Semantic Pragmatic Disorder Symptoms and Signs

The signs and symptoms of this disorder are difficulties in understanding language syntax and questions, slow coordination with conversations, having trouble explaining events and expressing ideas, as well as problems understanding jokes and context clues.

Semantic Pragmatic Disorder Treatment

Treatment of the disorder is by special education that focuses on speech development and understanding.

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