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Senile Purpura

Senile Purpura Causes

The medical condition is said to be caused by aging inasmuch as it is most commonly seen in older people.

Senile Purpura Definition

Senile Purpura, otherwise known as the Purpura Senilis, is the medical condition that refers to the bruising of the skin inasmuch as the blood vessels of the skin are more fragile. It is usually dark and purplish are are most commonly seen in the forearms and backs of the hand of the old perople. asy skin bruising in older people.

Senile Purpura Diagnosis

Diagnosis is made through physical examination and review of medical history of the person.

Senile Purpura Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of Senile Purpura includes bruising that is usually purple in color and found at the back of the hands, forearm bruises and discoloration or the skin after the bruise fades.

Senile Purpura Treatment

There is no known treatment for senile purpura inasmuch as the bruising fades and heals on its own.

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