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Sensory Integration Dysfunction

Sensory Integration Dysfunction Causes

The root cause of sensory integration dysfunction is not yet known. However this condition is usually observed in individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. It is not yet clearly establish but some research points that sensory integration dysfunction can be inherited.

Sensory Integration Dysfunction Definition

Sensory Integration Dysfunction (SID) is the inability of the brain to accurately process information conveyed by the senses. It is also referred to as Sensory Processing Disorder. In this medical condition, the sensory information sensed by the person with SID tends to be analyzed by the brain in a different manner causing upset and confusion.

Sensory Integration Dysfunction Diagnosis

A pattern of the symptoms and behavior is used as the basis for the physical and occupational therapist to establish diagnosis of sensory integration dysfunction.

Sensory Integration Dysfunction Symptoms and Signs

The following are signs and symptoms of a person with Sensory integration dysfunction: ? Withdraw when being touched ? Oversensitive to odors ? Lack creativity and variety in play ? Most of the time they are easily distracted ? Bizarrely high or low activity level ? Obvious awkwardness and noticeable carelessness ? They tend to be very impulsive and spontaneous ? Trouble in shifting from one situation to another ? lack of ability to loosen up, slow down or calm down ? inferiority complex or poor self perception ? speech, language and motor skills delay ? academic achievement hindrances

Sensory Integration Dysfunction Treatment

Sensory integration therapy can help improve the condition of an individual with sensory integration dysfunction especially children. It involves activities that are focused on challenging the child with sensory input; the therapist will then teach and help the child to respond accurately to the sensory stimulus.

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