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Sensory Neuropathy

Sensory Neuropathy Causes

Sensory Neuropathy have different causes; however in some cases sensory neuropathy is regarded as idiopathic or no known cause. There are studies and researches that prove that sensory neuropathy just like all neuropathies can be caused by poor nutrition, some diseases and nerve pressure, entrapment or lesion.

Sensory Neuropathy Definition

Sensory neuropathy is a type of neuropathy wherein damage is eventually on the sensory nerve. Damage to any of these nerves will lead to distorted functions and reduced sensation. It is not a disease itself but sensory neuropathy is diagnosed in some patients wherein no pre-existing cause can be distinguished.

Sensory Neuropathy Diagnosis

Diagnosis of sensory neuropathy is often based on the symptoms present in the patient.

Sensory Neuropathy Symptoms and Signs

Sensory neuropathy can produce tingling, numbness or loss of sensation and most of the time pain. Pain associated with sensory neuropathy can be described as: ? Pins and needles sensation ? Abnormal feeling as if you are wearing a sock or glove that is actually not present ? Burning sensation ? Coldness or freezing sensation ? Feeling similar to electric shock ? Excessive sensitivity to touch The sensation may suddenly develop; in some cases bizarre sensation may gradually progress reaching to even years. The severity of the pain may differ from one individual to another.

Sensory Neuropathy Treatment

Treatment of the underlying cause is most of the time essential to prevent the occurrence of other complications or permanent nerve damage. Treatment options may include medications like pain relievers and physical therapy.

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