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Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety Causes

Separation anxiety is brought about by traumatic experiences that led to separation of the child from his/her loved ones. Parents having a divorce are an example, since either the mother or father has to leave home. A death in the family is also considered a traumatic separation experience.

Separation Anxiety Definition

Separation anxiety is a kind emotional stress experienced by children who face separation from their parents or primary caregivers. When not treated, this may lead to anxiety and dependence disorders upon adulthood.

Separation Anxiety Diagnosis

Separation anxiety can be diagnosed by observing the child's behaviors with regards to separation experiences or when he has to work on things by himself.

Separation Anxiety Symptoms and Signs

Among the symptoms of separation anxiety is the need of a child to be accompanied by someone before going to sleep, the constant need to be with someone and be overly dependent on others. Some children often succumb to depression.

Separation Anxiety Treatment

Psychologists recommend exposing the child to separation encounters such as going to school, and meeting new people in order for him to learn how to be independent. Parents are also advised to teach their children the values of independence and self-reliance in order not to aggravate the condition.

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