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Septic Arthritis

Septic Arthritis Causes

Septic arthritis may be caused by an infection elsewhere in the body that spreads to the joint through the bloodstream. Puncture wounds, surgery, and drug injections may also cause the infection. The bacteria Staphylococcus aureus usually causes the condition. Viruses and fungus may also cause septic arthritis.

Septic Arthritis Definition

Septic arthritis is a bacterial infection in a joint.

Septic Arthritis Diagnosis

The doctor examines the patients for signs and symptoms and any recent infections to determine where the infection originated. To discover the bacteria causing the infection, fluid samples from within the affected joint is taken for examination. The patient may also undergo blood tests to check whether the if bacteria are present in the bloodstream. The doctor may also recommend X-rays and other imaging tests.

Septic Arthritis Symptoms and Signs

Affected individuals experience fever with chills, severe pain in the affected joint when moved, and swelling and warmth in the area of the affected joint

Septic Arthritis Treatment

Patients are treated with antibiotics and joint drainage.

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