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Septicaemia Causes

Septicaemia is caused by a preexisting condition called bacteremia, wherein harmful bacteria have already infested the circulatory system.

Septicaemia Definition

Septicaemia is a medical condition in which the blood is contaminated with high levels of bacteria, thus resulting to infection of tissues and other organs. It is a life-threatening disease that has caused fatalities all throughout history.

Septicaemia Diagnosis

Septicaemia can be diagnosed through blood tests in search of bacteria infestations, as well as immunodeficiency problems.

Septicaemia Symptoms and Signs

Among the main symptoms of septicaemia are rapid breathing, palpitations, chills and fever. Hemorrhage may also take place during advanced stages.

Septicaemia Treatment

The disease can be treated by antibiotics, as well as blood transfusion. Death may occur when the disease is not treated. It can also cause further complications such as septic shock and a sudden drop in blood pressure.

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