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Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual Dysfunction Causes

Sexual Dysfunction is said to be caused by diabetes, diseases concerning the heart and blood vessels. It may also be cause by emotional or psychological factors such as stress and anxiety.

Sexual Dysfunction Definition

Sexual Dysfunction is a sexual problem which refers to a problem during any phase of the cycle of sexual response that usually prevents the individual from experiencing sexual satisfaction.

Sexual Dysfunction Diagnosis

Diagnosis is made through blood testing to evaluate hormone levels, vascular assessments to determine if there is blockage in the blood vessels, sensory testing and nocturnal penile tumescence and rigidity tests.

Sexual Dysfunction Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms include the inability of the person to gain satisfaction from the sexual activity,

Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

Treatment includes administration of oral medications such as cialis, levitra and viagra to improve sexual functioning and blood flow and undergoing testosterone replacement therapy, psychological therapy and penile implants in some cases.

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