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Sexual Neuropathy

Sexual Neuropathy Causes

Sexual Neuropathy is caused by diabetes, both type 1 and type 2, and neuropathy which may be autonomic or diabetic.

Sexual Neuropathy Definition

Sexual Neuropathy is a medical condition where there is damage in the nerves that results in to a reduced or less sexual function both in men and women.

Sexual Neuropathy Diagnosis

Diagnosis is made through the blood tests and determining the levels of sugar in the body.

Sexual Neuropathy Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms includes impotence, unusual dryness of the vagina, painful sexual intercourse, sexual and problems anxiety.

Sexual Neuropathy Treatment

Treatment includes administration and use of a drug named vasodilator into the penis before engaging into sexual intercourse to raise the blood flow in to the penis. Surgical procedures are also advised as wells as controlling blood sugar.

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