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Sezary's lymphoma

Sezary's lymphoma Causes

There is still no definite proof establishing what really causes Sezary's lymphoma.

Sezary's lymphoma Definition

Sezary's lymphoma is a type of cutaneous lymphoma that usually starts in or on the skin. The cancer is marked by the excessive propagation of T-cells which are a type of white blood cell. The extent of skin involvement is uneven and most of the time patchy.

Sezary's lymphoma Diagnosis

A blood test will be ordered by the physician if there are suspicions of Sezary's lymphoma on a characteristic skin lesion that does not heal with normal medication. A skin biopsy is also carried out to confirm diagnosis and prevent incidents of misdiagnosis.

Sezary's lymphoma Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of Sezary's lymphoma primarily appear on the skin at the onset of the disease. This may include some of the following: Widespread erythroderma which is characterized by reddening or scaling of the skin almost covering the entirety of the skin. But there are also cases, wherein reddening or scaling only appears in patches. Disease of the lymph nodes which is often presented by swollen, enlarged or inflamed lymph nodes. Presence of nonconforming and strange T-cells in the peripheral blood. Enlargement of the liver corresponding with enlargement of the spleen (hepatosplenomegaly).

Sezary's lymphoma Treatment

Chemotherapy, radiation therapy and photodynamic therapy are used in combination with medications with the aim to help control the spread of the cancer.

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