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Sicca Syndrome

Sicca Syndrome Causes

Sicca syndrome is an autoimmune disorder. It is as well triggered by X-ray irradiation, iron overdose and other diseases.

Sicca Syndrome Definition

Sicca syndrome refers to the dryness of the organs that are supposed to be wet or moistened. The organs commonly affected by the condition are the eyes and the mouth.

Sicca Syndrome Diagnosis

The disease can be diagnosed by biopsy and physical examination.

Sicca Syndrome Symptoms and Signs

When a person has sicca, his eyes and mouth are extremely dry. This condition is caused by an obstruction of the glands that produce fluids to keep them wet, such as lachrymal glands for the tears and salivary glands.

Sicca Syndrome Treatment

Sicca syndrome is treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce risks of swelling and consequent infections.

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