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Sino-Auricular Heart block

Sino-Auricular Heart block Causes

Sino-auricular heart block is caused by a delay or disruption of the electrical signals that control the heart beat causing the heart to beat in an irregular pattern. Ultimately, it is caused by damage in the tissues that pass the electrical signals through the heart.

Sino-Auricular Heart block Definition

Sino-auricular heart block is a rare heart condition due to an abnormality in the electrical system of the heart rather than an arterial disease, which is regarded as a disease of the blood vessels of the heart.

Sino-Auricular Heart block Diagnosis

Confirming diagnosis for Sino-auricular heart block is possible with some diagnostic procedures like: Electrocardiogram Echocardiogram Tilt-table Electrophysiology 24-hour heart monitor Blood tests

Sino-Auricular Heart block Symptoms and Signs

Individuals suffering from Sino-auricular heart block often presents with the following signs and symptoms: Lightheadedness Fainting or syncope Palpitations, which is defined as abnormal awareness of the beating of the heart Abnormal heart rhythm Chest pain In some cases, Sino-auricular heart block may be asymptomatic, meaning there are no evident symptoms presented that may suggest the presence of the disorder.

Sino-Auricular Heart block Treatment

Similar to other types of heart block, long term treatment involves the need for pacemaker, which is a small battery-driven device that sends out electrical signals in order to keep the regular heart beat pattern. There are cases wherein no treatment is necessary for heart block especially when the symptoms are very minor or when there are other medical conditions that may serve as conflict for implanting a pace maker.

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