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Spider Angioma

Spider Angioma Causes

Spider angiomas are associated to pregnancy. It is also believed to be caused by birth control pills, or a symptom of liver disease.

Spider Angioma Definition

A spider angioma is a group of small blood vessels seen at the surface of the skin. The pattern of the blood vessels will sometimes resemble the threads like that of a spider's web. This condition is usually common to young children and to pregnant women. People suffering from liver diseases are likely to have spider angiomas.

Spider Angioma Diagnosis

Laboratory tests are done to diagnose spider angiomas. Medical history are also taken note for consideration.

Spider Angioma Symptoms and Signs

Spider angiomas manifests mostly on the face or on the trunk. These patterns though may also be present on the ears, the hands, and forearms. The spider angionas usually disappears pressed using the finger and returns right away when the finger is released. There is a red dot on the center with small red lines radiating out.

Spider Angioma Treatment

Treatment for spider angioma can be treated by burning or electrocautery or by laser treatments. For people with liver problem, bloods samples are taken for tests.

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