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Splenomegaly Causes

There can be different factors that may cause splenomegaly because the spleen is responsible for a wide variety of functions. The following are some of the causes of splenomegaly: • Infections, which can be caused by a virus, bacteria, and parasite • Various kinds of hemolytic anemia like thalassaemia, immune hemolytic anemia, etc. • Cancers • Diseases involving the liver • Other causes including disorders like Sarcoidosis

Splenomegaly Definition

Splenomegaly is enlargement of the spleen afar from its regular size. The spleen is an organ that plays an important role in the production and maintenance of red blood cells and in the production of some circulating white blood cells. The spleen is also part of two systems in the human body; the immune and lymph systems.

Splenomegaly Diagnosis

Splenomegaly is usually detected during a physical examination with your physician. Diagnostic examinations include blood tests, CT scan and other tests to find out what caused the disorder.

Splenomegaly Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of splenomegaly include abdominal pain, feeling of abdominal fullness, anemia symptoms, and palpable mass in the upper left abdominal quadrant, which can be detected by means of using Castell's sign during a physical examination.

Splenomegaly Treatment

Some cases of splenomegaly might necessitate splenectomy as treatment, after which vaccination intended for infection and prophylactic antibiotics are administered.

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