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Staph Infections

Staph Infections Causes

The illness may result from direct skin infections, food poisoning, toxic shock syndrome, septic arthritis, MRSA, and CA-MRSA. The bacteria are usually transmitted through skin-to-skin contact and small cuts and abrasions

Staph Infections Definition

Staph infections are skin infections caused by the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus.

Staph Infections Diagnosis

Doctors diagnose the condition by checking the presence of the bacteria in a tissue sample or nasal secretions. Newer tests are also available that detect staph DNA after a few hours, but they are expensive and not yet used widely.

Staph Infections Symptoms and Signs

Signs and symptoms of the condition are varied depending on the location and severity of the infection as well as its cause.

Staph Infections Treatment

The use of Penicillin has proven effective before, however the bacteria became resistant to it after a decade. Thus, doctors use stronger and more toxic antibiotics

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