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Stomach Lining Inflammation

Stomach Lining Inflammation Causes

Stomach lining inflammation may be a side effect of treatments and medications used to relieve a previous disease. Certain fungi and bacteria can also contribute to gastritis.

Stomach Lining Inflammation Definition

Stomach lining inflammation, or gastritis, is the swelling of the stomach lining tissues. This is brought about by the obstruction of the gastrointestinal tract due to bacterial and viral infections, stress from other diseases, or side effects of other anti-inflammatory drugs.

Stomach Lining Inflammation Diagnosis

The disease can be diagnosed by endoscopy as well as physical examination of the given symptoms.

Stomach Lining Inflammation Symptoms and Signs

The main features exhibited by gastritis are stomach pain, difficulty in digesting food, and irritability due to abnormal bowel movement.

Stomach Lining Inflammation Treatment

Gastritis can be treated by avoidance of agents that cause irritation to the stomach lining. Other medications are used to treat the underlying causes of the disease.

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