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Stuttering Causes

Researchers say there is no exact cause of stuttering but it is observed that stuttering runs in the family so it may be genetic. Other possible causes are language development and signal difficulties.

Stuttering Definition

It is also called as stammering which a speech disorder that includes saying a word, phrase or syllable in a repeated or prolonged manner. What makes stuttering worse are stress, excitement and fatigue though when the patient is relaxed stuttering is decreased.

Stuttering Diagnosis

Physicians will ask about the medical history of a child especially the time the stuttering started. A speech-language therapist can also evaluate the children's overall language and speech abilities.

Stuttering Symptoms and Signs

Common symptoms are difficulty in saying a word, phrase or sentence; repeating a word or sound. Symptoms may be accompanied by rapid eye blinks, lips or jaw tremors and tension in the movement of the upper body.

Stuttering Treatment

For the moment there is no recommended cure for stuttering because most of the children affected outgrow stuttering on their own. Speech therapy is also done, if the stuttering last for more than six months.

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