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Sty Causes

Usually the bacteria staphylococcus causes the infection. Poor hygiene also plays a role in the development of a sty. If expired cosmetics are used overnight it may also cause sty to appear. Unclean hands used to hold contact lenses and not thoroughly disinfecting it.

Sty Definition

Sty or hordeolum is a painful, red bump located on the edge or inside of the eyelid that may also look like a pimple or boil. Sty is usually filled with pus. If several sties appear it may cause a swelling of the eyelid known as blepharitis but fortunately sty disappears after a few days.

Sty Diagnosis

A person can easily diagnose if a sty has appeared in his eyelid just by looking at the symptoms carefully. If the sty or lump is recurring then it is best to seek medical advice most especially from an ophthalmologist.

Sty Symptoms and Signs

Known symptoms are pain, red lump that looks like pimple or boil, inflammation on the eyelid, sensitivity to light, itching sensation and tearing.

Sty Treatment

A topical antibiotic cream may be subscribed by a physician. If the sty filled with pus did not rapture on its own the doctor or ophthalmologist may opt to drain the pus to relieve the pressure and pain. If there is a generalized infection happens oral antibiotics are prescribed.

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