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Tachypnea Causes

Tachypnea is said to be caused by the too much exercise and physical activities, lung diseases, heart diseases, anemia and anxiety.

Tachypnea Definition

Tachypnea otherwise known as tachypnoea is a medical condition that is characterized by rapid breathing and is usually necessary for the body's need for gas exchange.

Tachypnea Diagnosis

Diagnosis is made through standard chest radiology and ultrasound.

Tachypnea Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms include the occurrence of rapid breathing. A person experiencing this type of medical condition often has a respiratory rate of more than 60 respirations per minute and may be accompanied by retractions of the chest and cyanosis.

Tachypnea Treatment

Treatment includes supplementing oxygen supply by nasal cannula or face masks. Intubation and mechanical ventilation may also be used to treat the medical condition.

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