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Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Causes

It is hard to determine the exact cause of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. Treatment and the potential outcome of the treatment may depend on its cause. Anything that creates pressure in the Tarsal Tunnel can lead to TTS. This would include benign tumors or cysts, inflammation of the tendon sheath, bone spurs, nerve ganglions, or swelling from a broken or sprained ankle.

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Definition

Tarsal tunnel syndrome is a compression, or squeezing, on the posterior tibial nerve that gives out symptoms anywhere along the path of the nerve.

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Diagnosis

Diagnosis is usually made by a podiatrist, physical therapist, neurologist, physiatrist or orthopedist. Patients report of their pain and a positive Tinel's sign are the first steps in evaluating the chances of tarsal tunnel syndrome.

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms include: tingling, burning, or a sensation similar to an electrical shock; numbness; and pain, including shooting pain.

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

Treatments typically include rest, manipulation, strengthening of tibialis anterior, tibialis posterior, peroneus and short toe flexors, casting with a walker boot, wrapping, corticosteroid and anesthetic injections, hot wax baths, compression hose, and orthotics. Medications may include various anti-inflamatories, ultracet, anaprox, and Neurontin and Lyrica.

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