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Tinea Barbae

Tinea Barbae Causes

Fungus causes tinea barbae.

Tinea Barbae Definition

Tinea barbae is a superficial form of folliculitis, which is an infection of the hair follicles.

Tinea Barbae Diagnosis

The doctor usually diagnoses the condition by looking at the affected skin. If standard treatments fail to cure the infection, the takes pustule samples to be examined in a laboratory.

Tinea Barbae Symptoms and Signs

Men with tinea barbae experience itchy and white bumps in their beard area with possibly red skin around the area. If the condition is serious, the infection is inflamed appearing as pus-filled nodules that later form a crust possibly occurring along with swollen lymph nodes and fever.

Tinea Barbae Treatment

Oral antifungal medications are the effective treatment for tinea barbae especially the inflammatory form.

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