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Urethral Syndrome

Urethral Syndrome Causes

The exact cause of urethral syndrome is not yet known though it is associated with the urethral stenosis and hormonal imbalance and reaction to certain foods, environment and chemicals.

Urethral Syndrome Definition

Urethral Syndrome otherwise known as the Frequency-Dysuria syndrome is a medical condition that is characterized by frequency, dysuria and suprapubic discomfort without any finding of urological abnormalities.

Urethral Syndrome Diagnosis

Diagnosis is made through pelvic examination, ultrasound and abdominal examination.

Urethral Syndrome Symptoms and Signs

Its symptoms includes difficulty in starting to urinate, slow stream of urine, feeling of incomplete draining of the bladder, vaginal discharge and lesions.

Urethral Syndrome Treatment

Treatment includes hormone replacement therapy, administration of antispasmodicsm muscle relaxants, behavioral therapy and dietary therapy.

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